Jeff Randall

Jeff Randall spent 20 years tromping through the jungles of South America as well as managing international projects in all corners of the globe. He is a technical rescue instructor for Randall’s Adventure & Training and also instructs Land Navigation / Map & Compass, Single Rope Technique (SRT), and SPAR/Limited Resources. He is also a NASAR (National Association For Search And Rescue) instructor and SARTECH II lead evaluator. Jeff holds the following certifications: NASAR SARTECH 1, Technician Level for Rope Rescue and Swiftwater Rescue (Advanced), Advanced First Aid, Wilderness First Responder (WFR), TEEX PER-213 WAS (FEMA), and Level 1 (Awareness) and Level 2 (Operations) of the North Carolina Emergency Management Mountain Rescue Course (MSAR). He is also a graduate of the Peruvian Air Force’s ESSEL (School of Jungle Survival), a HAM Technician license holder, and a member of the Wilderness Medical Society. His hobbies include vertical caving, canyoneering, hiking, backpacking, working on the farm, and building new projects in his machine shop.

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