Regular Membership is open to anyone 18 years of age and older who, (a) provides all necessary documentation, (b) successfully meets minimum training and physical fitness requirements, (c) agrees to Membership Guidelines, and (d) is approved by a majority vote of the RAT-SAR Executive Board. All new members are considered Support Members until all minimum training requirements are met.

To apply for membership, download and complete our membership application and liability release form, complete the FEMA IS-100 and IS-700 online courses (free), then show up to one of our monthly training sessions with the documents. You may also mail the application form, liability form, certificates, and a copy of your drivers license to: RAT-SAR – P.O. Box 105 – Gallant, AL 35972 or by email to



To ensure RAT-SAR members are fit to serve in a search and rescue capacity that may require carrying patients in litters over long distances, hiking over rugged terrain, or accessing patients in remote areas, all new members may be required to pass a physical fitness exam and maintain a minimum physical fitness standard. Suggested physical fitness is the ability to hike 3 miles on flat ground in 45 minutes carrying a 40-pound pack.


*RAT-SAR offers NASAR training to RAT-SAR members and teams we deploy and have a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with. RAT-SAR does not offer NASAR training, certification, or evaluation for other teams. If RAT-SAR does not have a MOU with your team and you need NASAR training or certification, then we suggest contacting NASAR for available courses in your area.

All required training is at no cost to mutual aid team members and RAT-SAR members. New RAT-SAR members are given ample time to complete the required training.

ADDITIONAL TRAINING (not mandatory for regular membership)


Scheduled training days will apply to continuing education credit hours. View our training schedule. Please note that all RAT Training and RAT-SAR training is free to active RAT-SAR members in good standing.