K9 Seminar

Good day of training at the NW AL K9 training seminar. Lots of HRD work today with K9s and handlers from several states. Many thanks to Billy with ALEA for coming out and spending some time working with the various teams on search and rescue capabilities within our state!

Cruso, NC Search

RAT-SAR responded to Haywood County (NC) request for assistance for search and rescue efforts due to the flash flood event in Cruso, NC. RAT SAR fielded a total of nine sar technicians on the first day and four on the following day searching debris piles and river banks.

Sipsey Search

Thanks to everyone who responded to today’s lost person search. The check-in sheet shows a total of 26 responders from Lawrence County, Huntsville Cave Rescue Unit, NW AL K9, SARTEC K9 and RAT-SAR.

Cave Rescue Exercise

The 5th annual cave rescue exercise with North Carolina rescue technicians and RAT-SAR didn’t disappoint with its challenging, flooded conditions inside the cave and a high line rescue across the main pit entrance.

FUNSAR Training

Great FUNSAR training weekend with NW AL K9, SARTECH K9, a BUSAR team member, and RAT-SAR team members. Good work by all the participants!

Rhea County, TN Search

We train for these types of operations a lot. This past week we put our single rope access skills to use on a multi-day search in rugged terrain. Many thanks to the Haywood Rescue Squad SAR team for their work and expertise, as well as NW Alabama K9, SARTEC K9 and HSDU for their work on this search. Please keep the Williams family in your thoughts and prayers in the days to come. Thank you to every team, every rescuer, and every volunteer who poured their heart and soul into finding Mr. Williams. I so wish for the family and everyone involved that the outcome would have been different. Thank you to our team members who never stop training and never give up on doing everything they can to make a positive difference in someone’s life. Helping others is what makes this life worth living, even when the outcome is not what you hoped for.