RAT-SAR recently migrated to the D4H database system to more easily manage and document the administration of personnel, qualifications, training, and attendance within our agency. With D4H we are able to track our qualifications, training certificates and re-qualification dates, as well as maintain a detailed record of training exercises and incidents we are involved in. Visit D4H


Dallas County Search

It’s always much appreciated by SAR teams when the sheriff shows up to show his support during a search mission. Even better when the sheriff puts on his boots and joins the search as the Dallas county sheriff did the past couple of days. Thank you to Sheriff Mike Granthum of Dallas county (AL) as well as his deputies for the support and assistance during our recent search with NW AL K9 Search and Rescue. We are still actively searching for Mr. Leshore. If anyone has any information please contact the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office at (334) 874-2530.

First Mission Of 2022

RAT-SAR’s first callout of the new year was a mutual aid assistance call with Huntsville Cave Rescue Unit and Scottsboro Jackson County Rescue Squad for a vertical cave rescue. One person with minor injuries was transported to hospital. The call took approx. 6 hours to complete.

2021 Year In Review

RAT-SAR ended 2021 with a total of 35 calls for assistance ranging from searches to rescues and recoveries. RAT-SAR’s regional search and rescue team continues to grow. In 2021 RAT-SAR supported AHJs in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia. Currently, RAT-SAR has 47 members with most trained at the NASAR SARTECH II level or higher.

In 2022 RAT-SAR will be begin training the Polk County (Georgia) Sheriff’s Office search and rescue team, as well as a couple of other startup teams that have requested assistance in forming a new team, as well as having a mutual aid agreement with RAT-SAR.

As always, RAT-SAR appreciates any and all public support. As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, donations are tax deductible with 100% of all donations going to RAT-SAR for operational expenses. All RAT-SAR members, including the Executive Board, are un-paid volunteers. RAT-SAR does not charge for any search and rescue services – this includes not charging for travel expenses and lodging to other states.

Recent calls for assistance

In the last four weeks, RAT-SAR has received four calls for assistance in Alabama and Georgia. Fortunately, two of the calls were resolved before we arrived on scene. RAT-SAR continues to work with AHJs and other SAR organizations to help bring successful conclusions to those who are lost, missing, or in need of rescue. The passion, professionalism and training of our members is making a difference!

Cave Rescue

RAT-SAR assisted Huntsville Cave Rescue Unit with a rescue at Tumbling Rock cave. Subject was towards the back of the cave and had an accident that resulted in a shoulder injury.

Sign Cutting / Tracking Training

Three days of sign cutting, tracking training and response training with RAT-SAR. This training definitely raises the probability of success on a lot of searches. Much thanks to tracking instructor Jimmy Dunn for the class and being part of the RAT-SAR cadre.